• Who we are

    Applied PC Solutions is a one-stop source for nearly every computer need. Commercial or Residential, our techncians have installed, implemented, constructed and maintained computer systems and local area networks for every size business and home.

    Industry Recognized

    CompTIA Authorized Service Center

    Applied PC Solutions has joined the CompTIA team as an Authorized Service Center. CompTIA identifies organizations that employ certified technicians in the areas of PC repair, network support and server support. We want to show our customers that Applied PC Solutions is committed to quality technical service.

    Software Diagnosis

    Our experienced team of technicians is capable of helping with everything from infections like spyware, malware, trojans, and other viruses to corrupt files and blue screen screen errors.

    Hardware Repair

    We can diagnose your hardware issues down to board level, and we can replace any defective components.

  • Residential

    Virus, Spyware, Trojan, and Malware Removal

    We use the industry's best and award winning software for the detection and elimination of all types of virus infections.

    Data Recovery

    APCS has the resources to get your data back! We use DeepSpar Data Recovery equipment and procedure to offer High End Data Recovery at a fraction of the cost of the national DR chains.

    Emergency On-Site Response

    On site support for any of a broad range of PC and network situations. Potential situations include power surges, hard disk failure, network outages, network performance troubleshooting and enhancements, network intrusion detection

    Services Overview

    Best of Industry Protection.

    Our superior diagnostics and turnaround time have given us a reputation of service we stand behind. We value our customers time and data. All PCs are imaged before repairs are performed to protect crucial data and programs.

    Best Services

    Our Comprehensive Suite

    Applied PC Solutions holds licenses to some of the worlds top antivirus and antispyware software solutions avaiable. We use these high grade solutions and our own proven tactics to return a virus free PC with the latest protection.

  • Commercial Services

    Network Diagnostics and Administration

    We can handle your network administration so that you can focus on your business. With APCS on board, you can rest assured that security, backups, storage space, virus control, pc configuration, and a large range of other issues are being carefully sought after so that your staff can work productively and efficiently.
    APCS offers an extensive assortment of networking services including complete network design, installation and administration services. Using the latest technologies we can assist with the maintenance of your existing network or the creation of a new LAN or WAN.

    Server and Network

    Microsoft Windows

    Applied PC Solutions has specified and implemented Microsoft Server based infrastructures for businesses for over a decade. We can optimize your current configuration.

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    Network Security

    Network Protection

    Your network is only as secure as its weakest link. Applied PC Solutions specializes in helping businesses assess their network for vulnerabilities, then integrate and manage a security solution. By protecting against internal and external network threats, APCS ensures continuity on your network.

    Why Choose Us


    We have been helping local small businesses plan, setup and maintain their PC Networks and Protect and Secure their data for over 10 years in the Lehigh Valley Area.

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    Small and medium businesses (SMBs) of all sizes are rapidly adopting virtualization and achieving significant benefits in a number of areas. That is a key finding from our survey of 309 senior business and IT managers at companies with 20 to 1,000 employees in the United States and Canada conducted in November 2009. In particular, with virtualization SMBs are reducing the time spent on routine IT administrative tasks, such as adding and managing new server workloads, adding new employees or developing and launching new applications; they are also becoming more responsive to business needs.
    Virtualization can also reduce the very real risks of IT outages and data loss for SMBs. Many SMBs have lost critical business data because of an accident, disaster or emergency; many of those have lost sales or customers as a result. Virtualization increases application availability and can dramatically shorten disaster recovery time, so it can significantly improve SMBs� business continuity preparedness.
    Although many SMBs have already implemented virtualization, budget and resources are sometimes impediments to rolling it out more broadly within their organizations. Of those companies that have not yet virtualized, lack of budget is the leading reason. still, interest among non-adopters is high, with five out of six SMBs who have not adopted virtualization expressing interest in virtualization

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    Data is an Asset

    With the growing value of data as a strategic corporate asset, today�s IT organizations face the challenge of implementing reliable backup and recovery solutions in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.
    To meet this challenge, they need to carefully define their business requirements and recovery objectives before deciding on the right backup and recovery technologies to deploy.This paper describes some of the key deciding factors and potential techniques these organizations should consider as they build the right backup and recovery infrastructure for their particular needs.
    For organizations that need assistance in finding the best solution, Applied PC Solutions provides a wide range of offerings for designing, enhancing, and managing backup and recovery infrastructures.

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    Work iPhone iPad iPod
    Replace Screen/Glass 3G/S ($70)
    4G/S ($80)
    5/5S/5C ($120)
    1G or 2G ($135)
    3G ($150)
    Mini ($135)
    3G ($70)
    4G ($90)
    5G (Parts unavailable)
    Replace LCD Screen 3G/S ($90)
    4G/S ($100)
    5/5S/5C ($150)
    1G or 2G ($200)
    3G ($250)
    Mini ($200)
    3G ($90)
    4G ($100)
    5G (Parts unavailable)
    Replace Back Cover/Case 3G/S ($100)
    4G/S ($50)
    5/5S/5C (Parts unavailable)
    1G ($150)
    2G ($250)
    3G (Parts unavailable)
    Mini (Parts unavailable)
    3G ($100)
    4G ($150)
    5G (Parts unavailable)
    Replace Battery 3G/S ($70)
    4G/S ($60)
    5/5S/5C ($80)
    1G ($150)
    2G ($250)
    3G (Parts unavailable)
    Mini (Parts unavailable)
    3G ($70)
    4G ($Parts unavailable)
    5G (Parts unavailable)
  • iPhone iPad Services

    iPhone, iPad, and iPod Component Replacement

    We are a local leader in iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair. With years in the wireless repair business, we have built strong relationships with customers all across the Lehigh Valley by providing certified repairs, quality products, and fast, friendly service. While our business continues to grow, we work hard to stick to the principles that have made us successful.

    Our iPhone,iPad, and iPod repair service is second to none. We have been able to fix nearly any broken, faulty or damaged iDevice that comes to our shop. We restore all models of iPhone, whether it's the 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S. We also provide a wide range of services for your iPod Touch and iPad.

    iPhone iPad Screen and Battery Replacment
  • iPhone iPad Services

    iPhone, iPad, and iPod Screen and Battery Replacment

    Our glass replacement service has helped many customers who have had cracked or shattered glass on their iDevices, making them unsafe to use. iPad, iPod, and iPhone glass replacement is one of our most popular iPhone repair services, but we offer many more.

    iPhone Battery replacement is another of our more common services. iPhone battery failure happens to many devices that are overcharged, leading to power issues that will get worse over time. iPod, iPad, or iPhone battery replacement becomes necessary when the Apple logo fades in and out when the device is plugged in or when you have to charge your iDevice every couple of hours.

    We also specialize in iPhone screen replacement. Many times the iPhone screen or LCD display will go white or have discolored lines, making it impossible to properly view your content. Since iPhone functionality relies on the ability to sense movements detected by the touch digitizer, this iPhone repair is essential. We can also fix the LCD screen on your iPad or iPod.

    iPhone iPad Water Damage Repair
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod Services

    iPhone, iPad, and iPod Water Damage Repair

    We have the best certified technicians in the iPhone repair industry to ensure that your iDevice will be fixed professionally and immediately. We know you don't want to be without your phone for any period of time, let alone days on end. That's why we guarantee same or next-day service* on many of our iPhone and iPod services so you will have your device back in your hands before you know it's gone.

    *Due to the nature of iPad repair and water damage restoration, we can not gaurentee same or next-day service

    iPhone, iPad, and iPod Component Replacement
  • Android Devices

    Offered Services

    We have experienced Android phone technicians who can repair and service your Android powered device.

    - Screen Replacement
    - Button Repair
    - Gain Root Access
    - Custom ROM Flashing

    With our experience, we can help you setup e-mail, voicemail, applications, and other phone settings that you may be unfamiliar with. We are skilled with every Android OS, so help can be easily reached within your neighborhood.

    Prices vary per device, please call/visit for qoutes.

  • XBOX Services

    We give the utmost care to your console by offering precision cleaning, testing, and correcting the numerous common XBOX 360 problems.

    For those who don't know, the 1, 2, 3, Red Rings (RROD) problem or general hardware failure renders your unit completely unusuable without any warning. The easiest way to determine if you have this issue is to observe the XBOX 360 when you press the power button to turn on the console. Normally, you would see three or four green flashing lights. But instead, if you see three flashing red lights around the XBOX 360 power button, then you most likely have the Xbox 360 red ring of death. The good news is that the issue can not only be corrected but prevented. We can install improved cooling hardware into your unit to allow for greater heat threshold, lower tempratures, and better performance. It's a small investment, but it can be the most cost-effective method.

  • PS3 Services

    - Disc Reading Errors
    - Freezing or overheating
    - No sound, power or video
    - All error messages
    - Disc not loading or ejecting
    - Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)

    Without free space, the PS3 is a high powered system producing lots of heat. Sony's solution to the heat issue is only a palm sized fan, an inadequate heat shield on the RSX BGA, and insufficient amount of thermal compound. The RSX BGA is the graphics and audio rendering chip of the PS3 and is the primary component. Its failure results in the YLOD, or no picture. Excessive heat dries up the lead-free solder joints on the RSX BGA chip, and when this happens you have no contact or inadequate contact between the chip itself and the motherboard, resulting in failure.

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    Sadly for many systems, the YLOD often occurs shortly after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. As a reputable repair company we have come across what seems to be a fairly high number of YLOD cases, which leads us to believe that the rate could be something between 10-15% of all PS3's. Prevalence of the problem also seems to be most common among the 60gb model, with the 40gb model coming in second and with the problem least prevalent in the 80gb model.

    Whether or not your PS3 console can be repaired is dependent upon a number of contributing factors: the condition of the RSX chip, the tools and equipment used, a technician's knowledge, experience, and the methods of repair used. We have technicians experienced in electronics and electronics manufacturing working on your console. We use a professional BGA rework station to reflow the board of your PS3 console.

    If there has been no response we then proceed with the method of re-balling, which is basically replacing the solder underneath the RSX chip with better solder. The repair process also includes a full internal clean (the accumulation of dust is amazing) and the application of flux and a good quality thermal paste.

    Some words of advice that may help (but not prevent the YLOD problem)

    - Store your Playstation 3 console in a well ventilated area ie not in an entertainment cabinet and especially not with the door closed. Keep it away from dusty areas.
    - Give your PS3 a well deserved break after every 2 hours max. Let it COOL DOWN. Actually turn off the power at the back.

    Common PS3 Issues that we repair include:
    - YLOD (Yellow Light of Death)
    - RLOD (Red Light of Doom)
    - PS3 unit will not light up or power up
    - Fan no longer spins or cools system
    - Unit Overheats
    - Blu-ray Drive stops workng (after freezing and drive not accepting)
    - Hard drive not detected
    - Information Board Freezes Games
    - PS3 unit cannot read discs
    - Lights are flashing

    Other common repairs we perform include the freezing screen (during gameplay or during the menu) as well as the flashing green light issue. If your system did not retain the data on the hard drive, we also have data recovery technicians who can attempt to get back your saved information.

  • Privacy Policy

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    Offered Services

    We can upgrade your computer to one of the latest operating systems available from Microsoft.


    Clean installation of Windows 7 or 8 for only $200


    Upgrading will provide you with continued updates and support, the latest features and programs, and valued stability and reliability.

    On April 8th of 2014, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP. Upgrade today in order to maintain safe and efficient use of your computer.


    Breath new life into your old computer!

    A Solid State Drive (SSD) is one of the biggest upgrades that you can add to your computer. All of your data and programs are stored on the hard drive, so all of the activities that you perform on your computer are limited by your hard drive.

    The usual Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has several extremely fast moving disks that are prone to failure. A Solid State Drive is solid state, meaning it has no moving parts. This makes the reading and writing of your data and programs almost instant, and protected from drops and mechanical failure.

    Design Your Upgrade


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